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Introducing the Story of New Mexico

New Mexico is known as the Land of Enchantment for a reason. It has spectacular scenery, amazing history, and a fascinating blend of cultures. We are also blessed with a reasonable climate, extremely low humidity, and amazing skies. Together these attributes provide photographic opportunities that have to be seen to be believed. Our family has lived in New Mexico since 1986. One of our favorite ways to explore and photograph New Mexico is through the Story of New Mexico.

The Story of New Mexico is a program offered by the Department of Continuing Education (DCE) at the University of New Mexico (UNM). The program offers classes on a variety of subjects and inexpensive tours to interesting scenic, historic, and cultural locations in New Mexico. Over the last few years, we have taken tours to a number of amazing locations: Ghost Ranch, the Bonanza Creek and J.W. Eaves movie ranches, and several badlands (Ah-Shi-Sle-Pah, Mesa de Cuba, and Ojito). In the weeks to come, we will be posting photographs we have taken while on those tours.

This year we will be taking more tours with the Story of New Mexico. We will be going to Chaco Canyon and several more badlands (Las Ventanitas, Mesa Chijuilla, San Jose, and Ceja Pelon). We will post photographs from these tours, too.

The Story of New Mexico is open to everyone: residents and visitors alike. If you live in New Mexico or even if you plan to visit, we encourage you to check out the program’s offerings. For more information about the program and a list of current offerings, visit the Story of New Mexico.

We hope you will enjoy the continuing series of posts which will make up our Story of New Mexico.

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