The San Jose Badlands

The San Jose Badlands are located approximately two hours from Albuquerque in northwestern New Mexico (in Rio Arriba County) north of Cuba. One of the nine San Juan Basin Badlands, they lie in the youngest of the San Juan Basin’s eighteen sedimentary layers. Approximately 54 million years old, the area is composed of softer siltstone and shale. The face of the formation is heavily eroded with numerous box canyons and natural sculptures. Hoodoos are less numerous than in other San Juan Basin Badlands, however, the erosion patterns and color palette of the layered sedimentary rock provide plenty of visual interest. The San Jose Badlands offer amazing views of the forested Jemez Mountains to the east and Continental Divide to the west.

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Blog: The Story of New Mexico: The San Jose Badlands

Posted: April 6, 2012


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