The New Mexico State Penitentiary “Old Main” Prison

The “Old Main” prison is located south of Santa Fe off N.M. 14. Built in the 1950s, “Old Main” was the state’s maximum security prison and had a capacity of 900 inmates. It was closed in 1998 by Governor Gary Johnson. Since then, the site has been used as a location for film productions including the 2005 remake of The Longest Yard as well as National Guard and New Mexico State Police training. There’s no electricity, heat, or cooling in the prison and wildlife has claimed parts of it. “Old Main” is best known for the violent prison riot that occurred on February 2 and 3, 1980.

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Blog: The New Mexico State Penitentiary “Old Main” Prison

Posted: December 2, 2012


GateNew Mexico Corrections PlaqueVisitation Room MuralControl Room Panel #1Control Room Panel #2Control Room Panel #3Hallway #1Hallway #2Dining Hall RulesDining Hall MuralDining Hall Mural (Detail)The Caustic ClosetThe Burned-Out Dormitory: ShowersThe Burned-Out Dormitory: Door #1The Burned-Out Dormitory: Lone Ranger GraffitiThe Burned-Out Dormitory: Door #2The Burned-Out DormitoryCell Block #1 from the Ground FloorCell Block #1 from the Second Floor LandingCell Block #2 from the Ground FloorCell Block #2: Religious GraffitiCell Block #2 from the Second FloorCell Block #2 from the Third FloorCell Block #2: GraffitiCell Block #2: Door ControlsHallway #3Death Row: DoorwayDeath Row: SignDeath Row: CellDeath Row: Gas Chamber DoorDeath Row: Gas ChamberDeath Row: Gas Chamber Warning SignCell Block #3Psych WardGuard Tower (Main Entrance)