The Mesa Chijuilla Badlands

The Mesa Chijuilla Badlands are located approximately two hours from Albuquerque in northwestern New Mexico (in Sandoval County) west of Cuba near the Mesa de Cuba Badlands. Although they lie in the San Juan Basin, they are not considered one of the primary San Juan Basin Badlands. The badlands wind along the eroded base of the Mesa Chijuilla. The area is littered with boulders, large and small, creating boulder mazes to navigate. Although not as plentiful as at some other badlands, hoodoos are present; finding them becomes a matter of exploration. There is lots of vegetation, primarily sage, pinon, juniper, and bonsai ponderosa. The occasional petrified log adds a bit of time travel to the badlands.

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Blog: The Story of New Mexico: The Mesa Chijuilla Badlands

Posted: November 17, 2012


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