The Lybrook Badlands

The Lybrook Badlands are located approximately two-and-a-half hours from Albuquerque in northwestern New Mexico (in Sandoval County) northwest of Cuba. One of the nine San Juan Basin Badlands, they lie in the Nacimiento sedimentary layer, which is approximately 65 to 55 million years old (the Paleocene Period). The area is composed of sandstone alternating with siltstone and shale.  The Lybrook Badlands are the largest of the Nacimiento formation badlands. Its box canyon-riddled mesas drop over 700 feet in four distinct, multi-colored, intricately eroded stair steps. The cliffs separating the steps complicate long-distance hiking. Easy routes between the levels are limited and difficult to find.

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Blog: The Story of New Mexico: The Lybrook Badlands

Posted: December 17, 2012

The LandmarkWedge RockBalancing Rock #1Trophy RockThe PedestalThe OwlMutt and JeffThe TowerVista #1The Old ManBalancing Rock #2Camel RockSoccer Ball and GoalVista #2The NeedleThe Leaning TowerThe SpectatorCrown Rock #1The Chopping BlockThe Gray HillsThe CitadelThe Layer CakeThe WallDead Tree WalkingThe CoveThe DogSwiss Cheese RockSwiss Cheese Rock (Close-up)Balancing Rock #3The Landmark #2Crown Rock #2The Sock PuppetThe Totem PoleThe Red TowerBatman RockThe Three PillarsThe Rainbow BouldersBalancing Rock #4The Tree in the SlotThe Crack in the Wall