The J.W. Eaves Movie Ranch

The J.W. Eaves Movie Ranch is located near Santa Fe about an hour from Albuquerque. In 1958, Eaves bought “Rancho Alegre.” The first production filmed at the ranch was the CBS television series Empire (1962).

In 1969, Gene Kelly, the famous dancer, showed up.  He wanted to make a move called The Cheyenne Social Club with James Stewart and Henry Fonda.  (It was the only western that Gene Kelly directed and produced.)  Eaves and Gene Kelly made a deal that they would split the costs for the movie set.  It was agreed that the buildings would be built full-scale and that the replica of the 1800’s western town would remain on the J.W. Eaves Ranch. Over the years, the ranch grew to more than three dozen buildings, including a church used for weddings.

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Blog: The Story of New Mexico: The Movie Ranches

Posted: December 27, 2012


The ChurchSkull and Barbed WireThe Saloon and Boarding HouseThe RestaurantThe Billiards ParlorThe JailThe Jail (Cells)The Leather Repair ShopThe Brown BuildingThe Green HouseThe Stables #1The Stables #2Hot MealsSkull and FlowersSkull on the Yellow WallGreat Plains SaloonThe Photography ShopThe BankA Side StreetThe Barber ShopThe Yellow WindowThe Ranch HouseThe Black BuggyThe Green WagonThe CageThe Jail (Back)