The Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch

The Bonanza Creek Movie Ranch is located in the foothills eight miles south of Santa Fe and about an hour from Albuquerque. With over 12,000 acres, it’s also a working cattle ranch, raising primarily Longhorns. The first movie filmed at the ranch was The Man from Laramie (1955). Since then, more than 60 movies have been filmed at the ranch, which has five sets: the Movie Town, the Mountain Homestead, the Pond House, the Prairie Homestead, and the Fort. Unlike most sets, which are merely facades, all buildings have four sides and many of them have usable interiors. We visited all of the sets, except the Fort.

Photo count: 42

Blog: The Story of New Mexico: The Movie Ranches

Posted: December 27, 2012


The SaloonStubbins Wood and PostThe Brown HouseThe Telegraph OfficeThe Telegraph Office (Sign)The Little ChurchThe Shepard Land OfficeThe LaundryThe Dry Goods StoreThe Bonanza Creek Ticket OfficeThe Pond and the TreeThe White ChurchThe Yellow HouseThe Farm HouseThe Austin Horse MarketThe Big BarnThe Big Barn (Inside)The Outhouse #1The Stables (Inside)The Cabin #1The Cabin #2The Cabin Door (Inside)The Old White HouseThe White Cabin and the WellA Longhorn Steer and Her CalfA Longhorn SteerMain StreetThe WheelchairThe Sheriff's OfficeThe Mining SupplyThe Hardware Store #1The BankThe HotelThe Hardware Store #2The Farm House and the WindmillClough and PlaughThe Outhouse #2The Red BarnThe Feed and Supply StoreA WagonThe Jewelry ShopThe Shack