The 41st Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta: Mass Ascensions

A mass ascension is when all the participating balloons launch together within a short time. Mass ascensions occur every weekend morning during the Fiesta. Due to the number of balloons,  the balloons launch in two waves starting at around 7am and finishing before 9am.The first balloon to launch on mass ascension days carries the American flag aloft to the strains of The Star Spangled Banner.

Photo count: 50

Blog: The 41st Annual Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta

Posted: November 25, 2012


Cosmos I waits his turnSushi Anyone?Hendrick's (N18HG)OMG! Look at all the balloons!Spunky's New HatSonoran Bliss (N61EX)Hale-lucinations (N5095S)Gizzmo is Shocked!Purple People Eater Surveys the BuffetDos Equis (N3011Q)Little Inspector Examines the SuspectsFreedom Flyer (N90399) and Spherical Turtle (N7104X)R 4 T S (Detail)Sunny Daze (N500SM)Aaron (Elvis) has left the planetPlant Earth towers over the crowdWaddles the SnoBirdFelix the CatGordoFlame On!A Sky Full of Balloons #1We The PeopleEnchanted DuckieA Sky Full of Balloons #2Little Angel and Tic TocMylast (N609HG)Squirt watches for passing dogsChampagne Cowboy (N2580Y)Blown Away (N120XR)And the cow jumped over ... the bees?Sam and Airabelle, The Flying CowWild Thing Too! (N277LB) and Last Mango (N105UM) share a Little Bee Joey and Little Bee LilyScaring the clouds awaySunny Daze (N500SM) and Spirit of Sunrise (N1324S)Cosmos ICosmos I (Detail)JackOutlander (N64914)A Sky Full of Balloons #3Hot Stuff (N143HS)A Sky Full of Balloons #4Sun Flyer (N71679)Monarque (CGKRL)Hearts A'Fire (N45092)CaZoo-ee (N7789Z)Levity (N2009J)Timepeace (N4021M)Giggles&Grins (N3177U)ZULU (N21213)